Get the right HR person for your role by having us conduct your recruitment campaign for you.  We will conduct an all-round interview and assessment of candidates, working with you so that you can be sure that you are making the right decision for your business.

Statistics indicate that interviewing alone is the least effective method of recruiting people.  If you rely purely on your "gut" instinct when interviewing, this can be problematic on its own.  Add into the recruitment mix an element of objectivity and this will unquestionably increase your success rates of making the right choice for your business.

We are not a recruitment agency - we manage the whole process for you fairly - we help you to write the job description/role profile and we help choose the relevant competencies for your role.  We advertising appropriately, conduct telephone, first and second interviews ourselves, shortlisting candidates for attendance at your panel interview and assessments.  We provide candidates with feedback once the interview process is complete.   

Full candidate management to the point where we negotiate the package for you.


We also provide support at any stage of the recruitment process for any other vacancy you have in your business.