We recognise that many businesses manage HR themselves and seek support and advice from external advisers on an ad-hoc basis.  Our pragmatic V-HRV solutions have been introduced to help businesses manage this proactively.

V-HRV Options available: HR Business Review, HR Support - All levels or Administration only.




Get an overhaul of your existing HR systems and practices to help you understand how effective your current HR processes are.  

  • We perform a detailed review of your business, collecting information from a questionnaire/checklist provided to you.  
  • We conduct a gap analysis - assessing your current practices with legislation and good practice.  
  • We agree with you your business priorities.
  • We produce a report outlining the key priorities and recommendations for the future.
  • We provide you with an implementation plan and detailed actions.  
  • We provide you with a presentation template for your management team outlining the changes you are proposing (where required).

We identify the necessary steps your business needs to take in order to become legally compliant (as a minimum) and protect your business from future claims as well as implementing good HR practices in the workplace.  

As changes impact your business and your employees it is not possible to do this instantaneously and this service addresses that issue by providing you with HR support throughout the year, working with you and helping you to implement the changes you need.



Get extra HR support you need - strategic, operational or administrative - with our V-HRV Service.

There are times when you are bogged down with your workload and a lack of resource means that the HR activities get pushed aside.  

Get V-HRV to complete the work for you, providing you with much needed support at a time when you really need it.  Choose what support you need - strategic, operational or administrative.  

This is our pragmatic solution to heavy workloads and hectic schedules, helping you to help your business succeed in HR.  

By subscribing to V-HRV - HR Support, you receive a set number of hours support for a period of 12 months.  V-HRV will become a key component in helping you to deal with your priority work throughout your year, providing you with a constancy that is reassuring.



Subscribe to our V-HRV Administration Support Service to receive ad-hoc HR administrative support. 

This may comprise of any of the following and more:

  • New Starter administration – e.g offer letters, contracts and attachments
  • References - new starters
  • Personnel Files maintenance (electronic)
  • Leaver administration



V-HRV Benefits

As a subscriber to V-HRV, you receive:

  • V-HRV Steps - exclusive access to action plans on how to implement changes at work
  • V-HRV discount on HRV Standard Consultancy Fees
  • HRV Bulletins on the latest in employment law and how this may impact you in the future

Expenses incurred are extra to the annual V-HRV subscription.  Any discount applies only when subscribed to V-HRV service.




V-HRV options are available to you with different service levels on an annual subscription basis.  There are two payment options:

  • Full Annual Subscription paid upon order
  • 50% Annual Subscription paid upon order and 50% paid over 12 months in equal instalments

Contact us now to discuss the level of service you require.