Collective Consultation - Redundancies

Collective Consultation obligations are changing

As a result of a ruling at the Employment Appeal Hearing (EAT) (Usdaw v Ethel Austin Ltd (in administration); Usdaw and another v WW Realisation 1 Limited and others) if you are proposing to make 20 or more redundancies across your organisation within a period of 90 days or less you will now trigger the collective consultation obligations.

Before this ruling if the employees were across different sites and were less than 20 then the collective consultation obligations did not apply.

Apart from the consultation requirements you will also need to inform the Insolvency Service Redundancy Payments Service at the start of the consultation period - otherwise there can be a fine up to ¬£5000 and a criminal record. 

If you need further information on what your consultation obligations are then get in touch.