Time flies when you are having fun...

I am delighted to say that we have been very busy here at HR Vision, with clients needing assistance on a variety of subjects.

Expanding Business

Take for example the client who is exceptionally busy expanding his successful business, very much aware of the impact employee relations can have on the success of his business.  The people he employ are exceptionally hard workers.  He has HR on his to do list, yet does not have the bandwidth to do something about it.  I step in and help out as and when required - helping with employee relations, training employees in HR related activities and processes or helping him to bring on board a new HR employee.  

Employee Relations

Or the client who has an employee grievance or disciplinary to handle, who needs that impartial view during the investigation and assistance in making a decision on the outcome.   Because the case is so close to home it’s difficult for her to be impartial.   Not keeping in line with legislation in this area has an impact on Employment Tribunal claims (take a look at ACAS.ORG for more information in this area) - so I help to reduce the risk and ensure that processes are implemented and followed when difficulties arise.


Or the individual client who has been treated poorly at work and has a grievance to raise but is scared to do so, needing advice on what the best action is.  Coaching the client through their somewhat traumatic experience using NLP techniques brings us both joy (which is a most unexpected and welcome outcome for the client).  Mediating between the company and the employee to bring about an outcome that is good for both parties is particularly gratifying. 

HR for HR

HR clients can be my favourites - we talk the same talk - what a joy it is to work with likeminded people.  They know what they need to be doing for their company, but do not have the bandwidth to manage it effectively.  So I get called in to help in a variety of ways - reorganisations, outplacement support, employee relations, policies, HR data.  The list is endless and I love it!

No time to spare?

Sometimes of course, companies just can't help themselves.  They want to grow, but they are too busy doing just that to do anything about HR or Health & Safety.  This is when businesses start to struggle and experience all sorts of issues - HSE visits, ET claims etc. 

Without the investment (I am talking about people and time investment here, not £££s) then it is difficult to know how to help them.  Processes and policies can be put in place but if the company doesn't live and breathe them they can get into all kinds of trouble - having a policy or process that makes promises that are not kept in reality is somewhat worse than having no policy at all. 

So I try to ensure that policies and processes are written for that specific company.  Of course it means an investment in time getting to know the organisation.  But implementing a policy or process that is tailored to the business is so much more effective and real to management and employees than having a standard legal document that is probably difficult to understand.

Helping businesses and individuals to "do the right thing" for the company and the employee is important to me, brings me joy and is why I chose to set up HR Vision in 2001 and why it is still here 14 years later and for a few more years to come!