I read a post in a group today where the writer was expressing their exasperation at visitors books (paper) being non-GDPR compliant and that the world is going mad!

While that that may well be the case, let's pause for a minute.  

Does every visitor to an organisation need to have access to other visitors data?  Usually we sign in with our name, registration number of our vehicle, time in and out and who we are visiting. 

You may not have a problem with other visitors seeing this information, but others may.  It's an individualised concern.

For example, a business may have a virtual office where you visit your clients and if you are signing in on the same visitor book then it will be obvious that you don't work there permanently. Would you want your client to know that?  

Do you want other visitors or employees to know that you signed in early or late?  

Time to rethink.  

We don't need to write on paper to sign in.  It is an unwieldy system that doesn't add value to a business.  

There are plenty of electronic alternatives available - just google E-registration, electronic sign in systems, visitor management apps etc.  My doctors surgery has this made available to us so we don't have to queue.  These systems reset to a home screen so its impossible to see who signed in before you.  Data is securely held on a system (as long as the company is GDPR compliant which is another story) and Safety can have access to this essential data within seconds in case of emergency.  

In my opinion, GDPR is making people think about how they are conducting business and that cannot be a bad thing.  

Is the world going mad?  That's another story.....