HB - AUGUST 2016

Karen came highly recommended by a family member who had experienced her outstanding expertise first hand, as she fought and went onto win an extremely challenging case for an individual, caught up in a corporate battle.

My case seemed small in comparison, yet Karen took up the gauntlet, with a fervour to elicit justice and proceeded to approach the entire appeal with an attitude that conveyed both significance and value to me as an individual, regardless of the projected outcome.

Her levels of professionalism and ongoing diligence in pursuing issues as they arose, along with a broad understanding of the law, processes and preferred systems, enabled me to present a comprehensive case to my employers.

I was then and am now, completely satisfied that despite the obstacles within the law and resulting outcome, I was treated respectfully and with real understanding. In addition I have been able to process and present my complaint comprehensively and can now accept and lay down what is past, to rest.

Thank you so much Karen for all you’ve achieved for me personally. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you and all you have to offer, as a seeker and advocate for justice for all those in need.