Working at Height

While revising our Working at Height Training Programme, it occurred to me that managing safety while working at height does not have to be complicated or onerous.

Although working at height can be a risky business and you may well require a permit to If you are faced with regular working at height for your employees, rather than have to issue permits everytime they work at height you can control this aspect by having an Process Safety Instruction (PSI). 

This system involves developing your employees to be competent in working at height so you will only need to issue a work at height permit for the most hazardous tasks. Also the same system can be adopted into a Safety at Height System (SAHS) if you have a large amount of contractors on site.  However you would be wise to ensure the calibre of contractor prior to accepting them on the scheme.

A permit to work at height certificate is generally issued as working at height can involve serious risk to health. 

It is recommended that annual refresher training be given to employees, whilst a contractor should receive refresher training every 6 months.

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