Outplacement/Redundancy Support

While considering a redundancy exercise a client is going through, the doom and gloom of the economy, more and more people being made redundant, businesses closing down, banks not financing businesses etc - it occurred to me that while everyone focuses on the negative, it is so hard to look at the positive side of redundancy.  Change.

While change is scary at times, it has another side that makes people sit up straight and look around, evaluate where they are at present, are they on track with their life plan or not?  Do they want to be doing something else?  Are they happy doing what they do?   

Instead of sitting still and accepting the status quo, it becomes a time for action, self-evaluation, learning and movement.

That to me, is exciting stuff because we all get stuck in ruts.  And forget to stop and smell the roses because we are so busy smelling the manure.

We help people to embrace these changes through our outplacement support services and career development coaching.  The feedback we get from these makes it worthwhile and makes me proud of the fact that we do make a positive difference to peoples lives.